The Best Lunch Hour Workouts

Trying to fit a solid workout into our days can be really tough. We all know those people who seem to spring out of bed at 5 a.m. to jet to spin class, or that person who heads to the gym after work every. single. night. without fail. So, what about the rest of us, who don’t want to sacrifice our precious hours of sleep or our (even more precious) margarita at happy hour?

Well, there’s still hope, because we believe there’s one hour of the day that you may be underutilizing. And that, my friends, is the lunch hour. Yes, this is the hour in which many of us prefer to grab a bite with coworkers or scarf down a protein bar and keep chugging along. But, many health and fitness experts are arguing for us to take back our lunch hours and use our breaks to actually take a break. And exercise is not only a break, but killer reset and recharge button. It’s benefits aren’t just physical, either. Exercise and all of the resulting endorphins provide us with both improved mental focus and a killer mood boost. (And “happy people just don’t kill their husbands”, so that’s a perk too, I’d say. =P )

So get out there and make use of your lunch break! As limited as you feel your time may be, you can crush an awesome workout in under an hour, trust us. Check out some of our suggested workouts below. And don’t worry, most of these won’t leave you drenched in sweat, so you can skip the shower, [wipe down and freshen up with a GW Body Wipe =) ] and head back to the office with a lotta pep and zero stank in your step.  

On a side note -- some advice when visiting studios during lunchtime: check beforehand to see if the studio has hair dryers available. So if you do get super sweaty, you can at least dry your hair a bit, whip out some dry shampoo (and pack one of these) and you’ll be good to go in a matter of minutes!

Best Workout Classes

We love a good workout class. The energy, good vibes, and sense of community make it a great way to recharge midday. In addition to being super fun, these classes will allow you to squeeze in a fast, efficient workout - no shower required.

Barre Classes

Barre classes are a great workout option for your lunch break because they are low impact, with a focus on core work and flexibility. You’ll get a full-body workout without leaving drenched in sweat: a win-win if you ask us.

Some great options to check out: Pure Barre, Barre3, and Flybarre

Dance Workouts

Ok, we know that you may get pretty sweaty during these classes, but how fun does a dance class sound during your lunch break? Talk about a mid-day pick-me-up!

If you’re in NYC, check out AKT In Motion, Tracy Anderson, and Body by Simone. If you’re visiting the Big Easy, Jazzercise (yes, really) is a big deal in NOLA.


If your workday is jam-packed and getting a little overwhelming, try heading to your local yoga studio or even turn on a quick yoga video on for some in-office stress-relieving stretching and meditation. Yoga is the perfect way to get centered, calm, and move your body in a way that will leave you feeling revived and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Great studios to try: CorePower Yoga, Playlist Yoga (West Hollywood)

Videos: Yoga with Adriene


What to Do If You Only Have 10 - 20 Minutes


10 Minutes: Conference Room Workout from Tone it Up

Check out this workout video from Tone it Up that you can literally do in a conference room or office. It’s only 10 minutes long, and is the perfect way to take a quick, energizing break away from the computer screen. All you need is yourself and a (sturdy) desk or table. Plus, if your co-workers catch a peek of you grinding it out, they’ll be a healthy combo of impressed/intimidated, because you clearly mean business. (Either that or you’ll give off some serious Tony Perkins vibes. But hey, you just burned 300 calories, so you just keep doin you, guys.)

10 Minutes: Barre3 Workouts

Try one of these 10 minute workouts from Barre3.

Or one of these 10 minute workouts on Popsugar.

20 minutes: Express Circuit Workout

Head outside to the nearest track or park for a quick, total-body circuit:

  • Warm-up (walk or jog) for 5 minutes
  • Run full-speed for 5 minutes
  • Alternate 1 minute of pushups, planks, and situps for 5 minutes total
  • End with a walk and cool-down stretch for 5 minutes.


So don’t let a little sweat stop you from getting in a little mid-day exercise. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Werk out, Wipe off and move on, kids!



PS - What’s your favorite way to fit in a workout sesh during the day? Let us know in the comments!

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