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About Us.

Welcome to The Hygiene Revolution!
Goodwipes is a millennial-focused Consumer-To-Consumer lifestyle company making cool, convenient, and eco-friendly wet wipes. Feel fresh a.f. wherever you are.
The Goodwipes Story:
Sam and Charlie always wiped their butts with baby wipes. Freshmen year of college, they were heckled by their older fraternity brothers for their "Bizarre #2 Cleansing Ritual." After 30 days, they convinced every guy in their fraternity that they were leaving something behind when using thin, sand-papery and scratchy toilet paper. YIKES!
Everyone would steal Sam and Charlie's baby wipes. They felt ashamed buying them from the store.
"Our people felt there was no product that was designed with their lifestyle in mind." - S & C.
It was time for something different. August of 2013 they left their jobs, began R&D, moved in with Sam's parents, and bootstrapped their way on a mission to improve this widespread hygiene epidemic plaguing modern Americans. The crappy experience found with current hygiene offerings was about to get a makeover: better ingredients, relatable brand, reduced confusion, removing where?/embarrassment to buy, improving quality, harnessing convenience, personalized scents, soft feel, soothing texture. Sam and Charlie launched The Goodwipes Brand Igniting the Hygiene Revolution.
Who We Are:
The Crusaders of The Hygiene Revolution. Forget scratchy toilet paper and showerless days! There are better ways to clean. Out with the old. In with Goodwipes. Cool, convenient and eco-friendly wet-wipes thoughtfully designed for the active, busy and clean-conscious you.
Why We Do It:
Our PASSION: Making Sticky Situations Delightful.
Our PURPOSE: Make Friends. Feel Good. Period.
Do More. Feel Good. Live Clean:
Good for You-Great ingredients that nourish your skin and leave you feeling clean with NO harsh chemicals.
Good for the Earth-Always sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and compostable wipe material.
A Force for Good- We contribute 1% of total sales to NEWSTORY charity, a transparent non-profit that transforms tent slums into thriving communities around the world.
We Invite You to Join Our Journey to The Hygiene Revolution
Thank you so much for taking the time to explore our brand. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.
Sam Nebel (Co-founder // The King of All Wipes) on behalf of The Goodwipes Gang