Introducing: Wipes On Wheels!

Helllloooooo Goodwipers! After much anticipation, our cross-country Go With The Flow Summer Roadshow has kicked off and we are vlogging allllll about it!
In case you missed it, we renovated a school bus (Shoutout to skoolie nation!) and we've got the Goodwipes team living and working out of The Wipemobile for 40 days, as we travel cross-country for reasons that are 2/many-fold:
Firstly, our Down There Wipes just launched in 500+ Walmarts across the nation!! Shoot over to our Store Locator to find out where you can grab them! (The newly released Shea-Coco is already a fan-fave, and, for now, can only be found in Wally World!)
And, most importantly, we're just out there living life and inspiring others to do more, feel good and live clean! We'll be sponsoring different events, exploring the wild wild west, making incredible friends and engaging with YOU, our loyal goodwipes fam. Life is all about the people and the experiences that we share!
So join us, THE GOOD VIBE TRIBE, as we embark on this crazy adventure! We'll be vlogging as much as possible and spreading the love throughout social. So subscribe to our youtube channel for killer content, and follow along on whichever social media platform floats your boat (or your bus). =)


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Also, if you're in any of the cities listed below and want to hang, let us know in the comments, below!! 

Goodwipes Tour Dates - Leg #1
Goodwipes Roadshow Tour Dates - Leg #2
Much Love and Stay Fresh, Guys!


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