Goodwipes for GOOD

We are humbled and honored to announce the launch of our partnership with our friends at New Story!

If you're not familiar, New Story is a non-profit working to not only build homes, but to create stable and thriving communities in many of the most remote and vulnerable places in the world.



Their mission is to establish a world in which no human being lives in survival mode.

Without permanent shelter - a house of your own to call home - existing in survival mode is inevitable. You are forced to spend much of your life focused on things like finding shelter, locating the source of your next meal, traveling for water, sleeping conditions, sanitary concerns and simply making it through the next day or week. When you are constantly in pursuit of these basic needs, it is nearly impossible to do things like focus on school, earn a steady income or maintain your health. Coming home every night to a tattered tarp tent or a shack with parasitic dirt floors, mud walls and leaking roofs takes a severe toll on your well-being.

Dependable home and land ownership changes everything. With a stable house, families now have an environment that supports health, success in school, and the ability to focus on income. A foundation to truly thrive for this generation and the next. It ends the cycle of poverty that these communities have experienced for so long.

New Story Homes

Each of the homes is designed to stand the test of time and disaster. New Story communities are equipped with water, power and basic sanitation services. These simple upgrades that most of us take for granted, change the lives of these families forever.

New Story’s approach to the creation of these homes provides more than just a quick fix. Instead, they enable the communities to flourish for generations. By partnering with local organizations, they gain unique insight into the people, their needs and how to execute on the ground. By consulting with locals, they are able to build what people actually need and want. Most importantly, by hiring and training local labor and buying locally-sourced construction materials, they both stimulate local economies and teach skills that their citizens can utilize in the future.

For just $6,000, a secure home provides the foundation for health, education and opportunity.


We at Goodwipes were drawn to New Story’s initiative, as well as their dedication to transparency, their 100% model (100% of donations go toward building the homes!) and the incredible visibility and connection to the communities that they are transforming. 

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially partnered up with the New Story team, and have dedicated to donate 1% of all of our sales to the building of homes for families in need.

As the homes go up, we’ll be posting videos of each of the families whose lives we (Team Goodwipes and YOU! - Our loyal Goodwipes Gang) are able to change.

So please check back soon to see the effect that your purchase has on the lives of others!

We’ll also be hosting special events and competitions to raise additional funds, so stay tuned for future announcements! As always, please reach out should you want to become more involved! Want to turn your birthday into a fundraiser for a home? Want to host a charity ride with team GW? Let us know!! We can’t to see all of the GOOD we can all do together!!!

Much Love,

Team Goodwipes